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Fostering joy and community in the waters we call home

Women in the Water, Santa Barbara



Image by Jasmin Tupy


Image by Arielle Robles


What We Do

Community Events

We organize community events that promote stewardship and activities in the water such as surfing, diving, boating, and swimming. Our events are open to all womxn regardless of their level of experience.

Women in the Water Logo 2023

Empowering Womxn

We believe in empowering all womxn to pursue their passions and become leaders in their communities. We provide resources and support to help womxn develop their skills and achieve their goals.

Creating Connections

We are building a community of like-minded womxn who share a passion for water activities. Our community provides a safe and supportive space for womxn of all backgrounds and identities to connect, share their experiences, and learn from one another.

Who We Are

Women in the Water is a community of womxn-identified folks who are connected by the water. Our mission is to promote community, inclusion, education, and advocacy in the waters we call home. We are based in Santa Barbara, California and are working to create the changes we wish to see in our local diving, surfing, boating, and beach-going community.

Image by Arielle Robles

Photo: Arielle Robles


Recent Events

Unreel: Film Screening

On March 18, we came together to connect through films, conservation, and community at Santa Barbara's Community Environmental Council

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