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At Women in the Water (WITW), a Santa Barbara-based community group, we come together to cultivate a supportive environment where womxn of all backgrounds can forge connections and celebrate their profound bond with the ocean. Our mission is to  provide a platform for womxn to educate, inspire, champion inclusivity, and actively participate in ocean stewardship activities.


Forging Connections Through Water

Our Story

WITW was founded in 2023 by a group of Santa Barbara-based women with a shared connection to their favorite local surf spot.  Sensing how much a community of women enhanced their ocean-going experience, it was clear to them that other women could benefit from similar communities.  They decided to form a dedicated community with the goal of helping other water womxn grow and succeed. The WITW organizers feel that they are brimming with ideas for events, outreach, education opportunities, and environmental stewardship. They hope you'll come along for the ride!

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a world where every woman has access to the ocean and the opportunity to experience its wonders. We envision a community of empowered women who are passionate about ocean conservation and making a positive impact in all moments of their lives, big and small. Our goal is to inspire women to become leaders in their communities and to advocate for each other and their environment.

1 / Who can join?

The Women in the Water community is open to all people who identify as a womxn and who enjoy the water. This includes all skill levels of water-goers from beginner to advanced, all ages, ethnicities, sexualities, and backgrounds. We also host public events that are open to people of any gender. Women in the Water is for all water-lovers, not just surfers!

2 /  Why are you called Women in the Water?

We want to make it clear that womxn of many different water-based activities are welcome, not just surfing, diving, and boating. Our community includes women of various rad backgrounds, such as open water swimming, freediving, spearfishing, sailing, and marine science. We welcome everyone who feels a connection to our local waters. 

3 / Do I need prior experience in the ocean?

Nope! Women in the Water is open to womxn of any skill level. We are happy to help support you in becoming involved in a new activity in the ocean with the proper resources and safety education. 

4 / Why do you use the word "womxn"?

"Womxn" is meant to denote inclusivity for those who are not cis women. We want all woman-identifying people, including femme, transgender, and genderqueer folks, to feel welcome in our community. We acknowledge the unique experiences that all womxn-identifying folks share and our community is here to support you through this lens. We respect how each person chooses to identify and welcome you to share this with us if you are comfortable. 

5 / Do I have to pay?

Nope! Women in the Water hosts entirely free events and there is no cost to being included in our group chats, newsletters, or events.

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