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Empowering Through Connection: A Look Back at the Valen-Tides Event

Updated: Mar 9

Welcome to Women in the Water’s February recap!

Words By Lindsey Geier

"We’re a community connected through the thread of water,"

A sentence Co-Founder Julie casually said while introducing our third monthly community event. That’s one powerful sentence.

At first glance, WITW may look to be a group aimed at bringing together various water activities and those who partake in them. Yes AND, we also see it as a place where people can connect, which is the perfect segue into our event on Saturday, February 24th, held at Leadbetter Beach under the Full Moon.

Our February Event - Valen-Tides

This event wasn’t focused on something water-related. It was a two-part event, with both activities focusing on connecting with our hearts and others. We had Becca Brewster, a local therapist and Surf Enthusiast, facilitate a Somatic Healing Workshop. Through various short activities, Becca brought us all to a very grounded, giddy, and united state. 

With our heart cups filled up and overflowing, we could give from our “saucers” and write Love Letters inspired by Sondra Weiss. Sondra was inspired to spread more love when the world started to look like it needed it. By decorating postcards and adding sweet little messages, she encouraged us to send them to someone who may need some extra love. Sondra’s “love letters” have been sent to various groups, including UN Leaders, hoping to inspire more kindness in them. Hearts were full, consciences were clear, and bellies were happy with an added potluck to make this one sweet Valen-Tides event. Thank you to all those who came and those who led this deeply nurturing afternoon. 

From Heartfelt Connections to Inspired Action: Meet the Facilitators

Becca is a trained Associate Marriage and Family therapist. She is a water lover and a surf-obsessed therapist. She has a background in leading a therapeutic backpacking program for teens and young adults and has worked with a variety of populations in Santa Barbara as a therapist. She currently works as a therapist at a non-profit serving high-risk youth and families, mentors youth in nature connection, and sees a variety of clients in a local private practice. Becca is trained in a variety of modalities, including EMDR and Somatic Therapy through Wendy Elliott. 

To learn more about Becca:

To connect more with Sondra, you can find her at her website, or @lostartofloveletters on Instagram.


Unreel: Connecting Through Films, Conservation, and Community

Mark your calendars! The WITW team is excited to announce our upcoming event, Unreel: Connecting Through Films, Conservation, and Community, which will be held on March 18th at 6:30 PM at the Community Environmental Council (CEC) on State St.

This unique event will be an opportunity to:

  • Be inspired by local films created by and featuring womxn that celebrate the ocean and its connection to our lives.

  • Engage in conversations about ocean conservation and community efforts with the WITW team and fellow ocean enthusiasts.

  • Learn more about the CEC, a vital local nonprofit dedicated to creating a sustainable future.

The CEC is a well-established environmental nonprofit focused exclusively on energy efficiency and renewables, alternative transportation, and climate change. They work from grassroots to policy levels to help community members reduce their carbon footprint and to end our region's dependency on fossil fuels to become "Fossil Free by 2033." Its mission aligns beautifully with WITW's commitment to protecting our oceans.

Join us as we celebrate community, explore inspiring stories on film, and learn how we can all contribute to a healthier planet together! Stay tuned for more details about the films and special guests!

In the meantime, learn more about the CEC and their fantastic work:

We also invite you to visit our website to view Beneath the Surface. This page will showcase creative writing pieces by Lindsey Geier or those who want to share their own. Lindsey also connects her writing through the thread of Water (and Nature) to her life experiences. Lindsey creatively writes from emotion and uses it as a cathartic tool. She hopes it will inspire you in some way by relating, understanding, or feeling. Bits of it will be shared on IG.

From our hearts to yours, if we’ve met you or haven’t met you yet, we wish you Oceans of Love and Joy. 

Stay stoked, yew!

-Lindsey Geier


Women In The Water Celebrates Women's History Month: Honoring Herstory, Making Waves Today

March is Women's History Month, a time to celebrate the remarkable achievements of women throughout history. At Women In the Water (WITW), we recognize the incredible contributions of womxn who have paved the way for us in the ocean realm - scientists, explorers, surfers, divers, and countless others who have defied stereotypes and embraced the power of the water.

WITW reflects the very spirit commemorated during Women's History Month. We are a community of womxn passionate about the ocean, fostering joy, connection, and empowerment by:

  • Organizing inclusive events that encourage womxn of all experience levels to explore and connect with the water.

  • Providing resources and support to help womxn develop their skills and become leaders in the ocean community.

  • Building a safe space for womxn of all backgrounds to learn from and inspire one another.

This month, we celebrate our herstory and honor the powerful women who came before us, who dared to dream and dive into the unknown. We proudly carry their torch, making waves through our actions, creating a space for every womxn to experience the joy and empowerment that the water offers.

Join us as we celebrate Women's History Month and dedicate ourselves to fulfilling our vision: a world where every womxn embraces the ocean and its wonders, empowered to be a leader, a steward, and an advocate for the future of our blue planet.


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