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Looking Back on May - Joining Forces for a Cleaner Coast

Women in the Water’s May Newsletter!

Words By Lindsey Geier


Nothing like a good old-fashioned Scavenger Hunt to make you feel like a kid looking for Easter Eggs again. Except this one had a different spin on it…we were on a hunt for beach Trash.

How to get good karma points with Mama Ocean: Read below

Photos by Lauren Donohue

On a Monday evening, Women In The Water (WITW) and SB ChannelKeeper (SBCK) joined forces for WITW’s first Beach Clean Up. Woohoo!

Since 1999, SBCK has been on a mission to protect and restore the Santa Barbara Channel and its watersheds through science-based advocacy, education, fieldwork, and enforcement. 

We posted up at West Beach, carried buckets and grabbers, and scurried all around that beach, looking for various items or aiming to fill the bucket. I swear, that mix of doing something good for something you love while channeling that inner child thrill of finding weird things on the beach gives such a good rush of endorphins. And that rush of satisfaction when winning prizes such as Lama Dog or Panino gift certificates, such a score!

No trash was left behind that evening, that’s for sure. That doesn’t quite mean it’s gone for good. Unfortunately, wind, run-off, people, and tide can all bring trash back to that beach, so we encourage you to look to SBCK for more beach cleanups. Please visit for more volunteer opportunities.

Annie Lovell and Veronica Moran were our gracious leaders in the clean-up. They supplied all the tools needed to make the clean-up easy and safe.  

If you haven’t heard, WITW events is getting a good reputation for kick-ass potlucks. However, for this one, we had a food sponsor. Maiz Picante donated some hearty burritos, chips, salsa, and agua fresca’s for everyone to enjoy after the pick-up. 

And finishing off this segment with a personal belief. Picking up trash from the beach or Ocean (an area I consider sacred) has become almost a mental health hack for me. Spotting the trash I deemed as good for my eyesight. Removing it feels good to my soul. And since I full-heartedly believe in karma, I feel much better going into the Ocean knowing I’m not just taking from her or just playing in her or just enjoying her beauty. I’m taking care of her. I’m cleaning up our mess she does not deserve to have in her. That saying, “Be the change you want to see in the world,” can really be experienced in this simple act. The ripple effect it creates is those who see you pick up trash that was not your own, hopefully encouraging those on-looked to be more aware of what they brought to the beach. You’re also thinking beyond yourself. A sense of pride comes with this, I promise you that.

Thanks again for joining our ever-expanding community and we cant wait to buddy-up with you at the next one. Yew!

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See you soon!

~ Women In the Water Team

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Annie Lovell
Annie Lovell
May 31

Loved this collab WITW + Channelkeeper! Such a fun event. Thanks for the wonderful recap Lindsey! ~Annie

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