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Lindsey Geier
Lindsey Geier

The Young and the Youthful

Two different words, not always one in the same. 

One is determined by age, and one can be attained by the state of play.

To be young is to have little experience in life and comes with a visual component.

To be youthful has no mark of years lived or no demand of a certain appearance.

Although these two share differences, they also share a commonplace.

Have you ever watched how people are in the Ocean?

How an “older person” runs in, jumps, splashes plays as if they are young again.

How stoke comes across any face, no matter their years, when catching a wave?

How excitement hits everyone when a Dolphin is spotted or a Sea Pup pops his head hello?

How exhilaration overtakes someone young or old when catching a big fish?

This is because Youthful is a state of the heart. 

It is not held back by wrinkles, aches, and pains.

Quite the contrary, Youthful wears itself with pride on an aged face.

Big smiles, exclamation eyebrows, and “Oh!” faces change how a face looks with Father time.

Wrinkles hold stories.

This is where Youthful cannot be mixed with Young. 

Because it is the one who is Youthful and older who knows how important it is to have those moments of joy and stoke. 

Aging comes with more hardships, more experiences, more trials and tribulations.

A Youthful person knows the importance of feeling young again and tries to feel that magic however they can.

Thank you Mama Ocean for being a Playground for all, the Young and the Youthful.

Lyndsey K


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